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We believe your ideas warrant creativity and manufacturability...in balance. You deserve an experienced, responsible and transparent partner who understands your needs and delivers the absolute best quality solutions.

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Product Companies & Manufacturers

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Researchers, Universities & Medical Organizations

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Innovators &
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Spark Goes Big Screen



Whether you have a product idea or an existing product that you aim to improve, you need an expert partner who:
  • Creatively explores your idea with the intent to transition it into a real product
  • An expert who has been there and done that
  • A partner who believes transparency & honesty is the only way when exploring all options to bring your product to life
  • In addition to providing detailed workable design drawings, gives you the technical know-how to produce designs for real manufacturability


Product Development Experts
Call SPARK Product Development to engage in a dialog about your idea, and let's determine if we're a good fit for each other. You'll learn early and often the experience at SPARK is real and transformative, yet adaptable to you. 804.440.5700


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Spark Product Development

SPARK connects innovation with specialized execution, and thrives on exploring viability and producing detailed designs for real manufacturability. SPARK combines deep competencies & technical know-how with a flexible style. SPARK is exceptional at conceptualization, engineering, industrial design, and producing tool-ready designs and prototypes.